Ad Monitoring Solutions

​Know Your Market / Protect Your Investment

Media InSite delivers reliable, unbiased advertising data to support confident decision-making about your competitors and your ad spend. Our suite of ad monitoring and analysis tools empowers you to know your market and protect your investment.

Know your market by knowing:
•    Competitor ad budgets and media mix
•    Competitor offers and creatives
•    Your share of category investment and activity

Protect your investment with answers to critical questions:
•    Are the media houses following my insertion orders correctly?
•    Are they running the correct creative? 
•    Did I receive 100% of the ads I paid for? 


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Understand your competitive space and verify your advertising investment with Media InSite SpotCheck™ and SpotLight™ services, delivered via our proprietary online platform, and with SpotOn™, our offline research and auditing services.

Our Solutions

Monitor and Protect Your brand! 


Automated Spot

​Updated daily and viewable on our webs portal, SpotCheck™ shows exactly when and where your spots aired or newspaper display ads were publish


Audited Ad
Verification & Reconciliation

Proof-of-performance audits of your ad buys to documents media compliance with your instructions for live reads\ad libs, sponsorship credits, correct use of scripts and creatives or any programming detail. 


Intelligence Data 

With results updated daily, SpotLight  reports give you a current view of any brand's share of spending or activity within its category. 

ADviser Reports 

Intelligence Data 

Media InSite ADviser™ competitive intelligence reports provides category level insight and analysis of competitor ad placement, spend, media mix and messaging.