Reports and Analysis Tool


Automated Ad Verification

Because Media InSite is an independent monitor of media activity, you can rely on our accurate, unbiased data. 

Our automated SpotCheck™ reports – updated daily and viewable on our web portal - show exactly when and where your spots aired or newspaper display ads were published. This means you can compare what really happened with what you expected to happen, allowing you to identify errors quickly so you can ask for corrections or make-goods early in a campaign. And you can use our information post-campaign to reconcile placement schedules with media house invoices.

We also keep an eye on competitor proximity and encroachment, alerting you daily to instances of competitor ads running directly adjacent to yours or within the same ad break. 
All our online data is exportable, making it easy to add verified results to internal reports and spreadsheets.


Media InSite’s SpotCheck™ gives you a variety of tools for checking media house compliance with placement schedules and competitor proximity rules. SpotCheck™ reports include:


As Run Logs:

Because Media InSite is an independent, third-party auditor of advertising activity, you can use our As-Run Logs to verify that media houses are delivering what they promised.


Are they airing your spots at the right times?

Are they running all of your spots?

Are they using the correct creatives?


The As-Run logs give you the tools to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. The exportable table view allows you to add the results to your internal reports and spreadsheets. And you can click on any ad title to see/hear/watch the creative immediately.

Competitor Proximity: 

How often do you and your competitors share the same ad break?

What’s the break position of competitor spots compared to yours?

Which stations are most likely to run your spot immediately after a competitor spot?


Media InSite’s one-of-a-kind Competitor Proximity tool gives you the tools to investigate these questions and gain important insights into how the media houses are presenting your brand.

Advertising Logs:

Research total spot advertising activity across a station’s entire, 24-hour broadcast day with Media InSite’s interactive Advertising Logs lookup tool.


See a chronological list of every spot aired on any date for any radio, television, or cable source monitored. See all display ads for any edition of the daily and weekly newspapers monitored. Ads from your competitor category are highlighted for context analysis.


Data details include exact broadcast time or print section and page number, plus spot duration/print ad size, brand and ad title, and product industry and category.

Clutter Index:

Another Media InSite exclusive.

The Clutter Index ranks all monitored radio and television stations by the average length of their advertising breaks.


See by day-part which stations air the most back-to-back spots in a single break.