Social Listening Service: 

Reputation is everything.


Protect your brand by keeping your ear to the ground. Let Media InSite take you beyond social media monitoring.  Let us be your extra set of ears and eyes.  We listen to and look at what’s happening on social channels and online media in real time. Find out what your customers, stakeholders and the public think about your campaigns,  brands, products, services, initiatives and your executives.

Media InSite identifies and provides insights into engagement, influencers, message amplification, consumer / stakeholder sentiment, demographics, readership, website traffic, share of voice, post times, brand awareness and customer loyalty.  We strengthen your capabilities in the following 3 areas of your organization:

  1. Communication/PR – protect and manage your brand reputation online and across social channels globally

  2. Digital Marketing – improve your marketing campaigns in real time; and

  3. Customer service – respond to your customers’ queries and complaints in real time.

Our social media coverage includes:

  • Twitter - We will aggregate post stats on Twitter profiles, through clicks, retweets, replies, reach and engagement, as well as top performing Tweets. We will also identify Twitter campaigns using keyword, trends and hashtags in real-time.

  • Facebook - Get an idea on your brand’s growth and how your Facebook content is performing with intuitive, interactive reports. Gain insight to industry averages and directly compare competitor’s data with dedicated competitive analysis reporting.

  • Instagram - We will measure follower growth, engagement ratios and dig deeper into trends in your hashtag usage and the resulting audience engagement.

  • YouTube - You can monitor results of a search on YouTube (within descriptions and comments) and all comments of a specific video & monitor all videos on a specific YouTube Channel.

  • LinkedIn - We will analyze page and post level data including audience growth, demographics, engagements and impressions across your LinkedIn Pages.


Our Social Listening service includes real time  emailed alerts to keep you informed.

Media InSite’s Social Listener™ alerts are delivered in an attractive, easy to use format.

  • Never be caught off guard when your company or brand is mentioned across social channels, blogs, forums and online news sites.

  • Understand what your customers and prospects or your stakeholders think about your brands, products and services.

  • Listen and respond instantly to issues or complaints raised by customers and influencers.

  • Quickly identify new trends and opportunities ahead of your competitors and gain a competitive advantage.


Go beyond listening and get specific social intelligence you can use to take specific actions to improve your social initiatives and craft winning strategies.



Weekly Dashboard reports provide centralized social media analytics, saving you the hassle of logging in and out of several social media analytic tools. Track key performance metrics and find actionable insights.

  • Hashtag & marketing campaigns – shares, reach, engagement, mentions.

  • Sentiment analysis – determine what content is driving negativity or positivity.

  • Virality – see how your content spreads across the web and social media.

  • Influencer marketing – identify industry influencers and brand ambassadors.

  • Competitive benchmarking – learn from your competitors and see exactly how you measure up.

  • Identify trending topics to guide your marketing and sales teams.

  • Post times – determine what your audience likes and when is the best time to post.

  • Website traffic – measure the amount of traffic your website receives before and after launching your campaign.