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What bmobile’s Services Can Show Us About Value

Despite fierce competition in the telecommunications and broadband internet space, bmobile has remained a constant in both industries in Trinidad & Tobago. It’s easy to take such a feat for granted, but given that their competition has included other regional and even international brands spanning multiple countries of influence, it becomes clearer that it’s not just a happy accident. bmobile’s longevity is actually the result of thoughtfully showing customers that their brand can give the value that their consumers need.

One of the things that many brands overlook is the benefit of giving value to your lowest price group. For a long time, bmobile has consistently focused on creating mobile packages and cellphone offers that provide as much value as possible to those who can’t afford the Samsungs or the iPhones of the world. And yeah, they still sell high-tier smartphones to those who want them. But they also put a lot of thought into making sure they have something for your grandmother who doesn’t know what Instagram is. And their marketing reflects this as often as it could; their marketing has been consistently focused on their most affordable plans, products and services, working hard to attract cost-conscious spenders.

bmobile is also continuously discovering new products and services to share with their customers. Most recently, their new ‘Carhub’ service brings the idea of smart vehicles home for drivers in Trinidad & Tobago. This particular innovation no doubt came from paying attention to the experiences of their driving customers and families. In fact, we wouldn’t doubt if it was a direct result of listening to what drivers are saying they wish they had, which is a good reason to invest in media monitoring to learn how to better serve your customers.

The service comes with a couple of features we would expect; in-car Wi-Fi, so drivers don’t spend all their data on navigation apps, and car monitoring in the unfortunate event of a theft. Their vehicle route history and driving behaviour reports, for instance, might be helpful to parents who lend their cars to their children, while being able to get car diagnostic reports over your cellphone might save you some headache, and even a few dollars at your mechanic.

But perhaps the most important thing that entrepreneurs and marketers can learn from is the interconnectedness of their services. Of course, this is something relatively true of every telecommunications provider, bundling their broadband internet with some cable TV and home phone options. But bmobile takes it a couple steps further by providing one notable service that no one else does – home security.

Home security in Trinidad & Tobago has been a pretty important element for many people. bmobile did the smart thing by observing what consumers wanted in an affordable, accessible home security option, and also developed something connected to their established presence in the mobile space. By developing a phone app that allows their customers to monitor their alarm system from anywhere (ideally using their own mobile data or in-car Wi-Fi), they’ve developed a complete suite of services that meet their client’s needs at home, on their way to work, when they let their friends borrow their car, and even while stuck in traffic on their way back home. And you can get lots of these services together at a bundled cost that makes the idea of spending extra money on home security of vehicle monitoring just a little bit easier to stomach.

So, whether you’re working on augmenting your marketing plan or discovering new products and services for your customers, maybe these three tidbits might help you figure out something new and exciting for your brand. Like we said here, every brand and industry is different, and we’ll be doing more articles like this one to share some of the smart tactics that other brands use to connect with their customers.

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