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KFC’s So Good Strategy for Advertising in the Caribbean

Sometimes I wonder why brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) still need to advertise. We all know around every corner there’s a KFC and its the preferred breakfast, lunch and dinner of Trinis, yes I said it. It’s been “we food” to the point where you can’t get on an airplane to visit anyone from foreign without bringing KFC from the airport. Yet, KFC ranks within the top 5 advertisers in Trinidad and Tobago for traditional media - Newspapers, TV, Radio according to Media InSite’s 3rd Quarter report for 2019. Maybe that’s why the brand sticks out in my mind without any conscious prompting. When it comes to advertising, here are some finger lickin’ good tips you can learn from KFC:

Set ad campaigns to coincide with peak times/occasions and holidays: KFC uses data to determine when their ads should run. In the case of radio, they place ads during drive time i.e. the time of day that radio stations can reach the highest numbers of listeners since they would be driving or taking public transportation to and from work. They not only have produced commercials run in between segments, but also announcer-read ads which often take on a life of their own since as mentioned, KFC is near and dear to the T&T’s diet and heart. Similarly, integrating holidays like Christmas and occasions like Black Friday and Terrific Tuesdays into their overarching promotion keeps the brand fresh and relevant in the consumer’s mind and builds anticipation. What is KFC is going to do next? This is exactly the kind of buy-in you want to get from an audience and KFC delivers.

Launching a product then showcasing its backstory: This year KFC T&T introduced Chizza – Chicken + Pizza, all chicken, no dough. The product was already launched in the Philippines in 2017 to mixed responses. But, thanks to targeted TV advertising, when the Chizza debuted to our local audience, intrigue was already in the air. Buzz around the product was further strengthened by KFC’s social media campaign which showed an animated love story between pizza and chicken. By telling the Chizza story in multiple ways to suit different platforms, KFC extended brand awareness to the point where YouTubers were giving reviews. Don’t become tied to a singular brand story, let data guide you where you need to go.

Using gamification to engage customers: What’s better than KFC? Winning free KFC. The KFC approach is: the more games, the better. You can win free KFC and more through their Kentucky Bucket Bonanza or solve riddles in the Lucky 7 Bucket online and print contests to be a lucky winner. You can even win KFC for an entire year. While promotional contests can garner new interest and generate increased brand awareness, they work best when you know your audience and what kind of actions they would be willing to take. KFC does this by using data to stay relevant to their target audience. They also do a good job of responding to contest entrants’ questions and concerns in a time-sensitive manner. When your audience feels heard, everybody wins.

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