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Top 3 Things We Can Learn From Courts

If you’re in the English-speaking Caribbean, you’ve likely heard about Courts. It’s the largest furniture and appliance store in the region (and even branched out to selling and prescribing eyewear as well), and they’re also one of the top advertisers in the region. That’s at least part of why you’ve likely heard of them. Another vital part is not just that they advertise a lot, but that they use their social media in smart, creative ways.

One of those ways is marketing their products and deals using pop culture references that resonate with their audiences. Between their smart wordplay on some content posts and their recent ridiculous parodies of various media properties, they can get consumers engaged and lead them down the rabbit hole that will eventually make them loyal customers, or at least share their content with someone else that will be.


This is one of those places where data comes in handy. Finding useful information about the other things that your fans and consumers enjoy, like favorite movies and television shows, can go a long way in discovering marketing opportunities that you might not have seen before, or creating connections that your audience might find valuable (or hilarious). Most brands are afraid of doing things like this, because they don’t want their followers to be laughing at them instead of with them. But with social media, you can’t get something you’ve never had before without doing something you’ve never done before. Also, sometimes it doesn’t matter why they’re sharing your content, as long as they are sharing your content.

Courts is also finding new ways to engage with consumers using social media. Lots of brands are experimenting with live content on Facebook and Instagram, but Courts is one of the few that is innovating with the platform to hack engagement and spark different kinds of consumer conversations. Their recent ‘Call Your Price Live’ contest was their way to get their audience excited and tuned in for the chance to win prizes, while also nudging them to learn more about their products and costs. Most importantly, it’s just a brand-new way to use the Facebook Live platform, and that alone is what’s getting people interested. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, they were able to turn the Facebook page of a furniture brand into one that people not just follow but tune into at certain times of the day.


It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that Courts is one of the top advertisers in the region, and not just on social media platforms. Courts spends top dollar on print, radio and television ads across the Caribbean as well. But their marketing on traditional media doesn’t take the shape of their Facebook ads. One might think that’s a clear bias toward online platforms, but we at Media InSite know something that makes even more sense – the audiences across various platforms are different, and are looking for different things.

While it’s true that social media platforms are becoming more age-neutral (or, at least, Facebook is), the fact is, they’re still mostly youth spaces. Traditional media in the Caribbean, however, still predominantly attracts adults. And, while the occasional funny ad might get folks laughing, what really works on folks who are tolerating an ad in between their favorite show or contemplating whether to get up and use the bathroom is actually sales and promotions. And it’s that sort of content that Courts usually shares on traditional platforms – upcoming holiday promotions and low prices on particular products. Courts makes the smart decision of diversifying the tone and style of their promotions to particular platforms, to ensure that everyone has something that catches their eye, where their eye most likely is looking.

There are lots of other approaches to marketing that are worth trying, but these three are some of the things that have made Courts one of the biggest brands in the Caribbean. Taking the time to adapt those strategies to your own brand might strengthen your engagement, give you new data, and help you discover a new direction for your marketing strategy. Give it a shot! Like we said, do something new to get something you’ve never had before.

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