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What is Media Monitoring?

Media Monitoring is basically exactly what it sounds like – monitoring the output of print, broadcast and online media. A company will record radio and TV broadcasts, gather newspaper clippings, scour the internet for blogs and social networks, looking for anything that would pertain to your business, monitoring what folks are saying about your brand to give you as good an idea as possible about what consumers think of you and. Some companies focus on particular kinds of media in their monitoring services, like specifically broadcast media. For us at Media InSite, we focus on both offline and online content, with a special emphasis on the traditional media that still permeates much of the region. But the objective is always the same – to arm clients like you with the tools to make smarter marketing choices and strengthen your brand’s perception.

That kind of answers the question of why you need it, we hope. Whether you’re a new company making a name for itself, or an established brand trying to maintain its dominance, it helps to know what the people are saying about you. Of course, it’s not just for companies – public figures like politicians and actors can benefit from media monitoring as well. The data that you get from a thoughtful media monitoring service can help determine the marketing of your next product, how to manage a bad public relations moment, and so much more. And it should come as no surprise to you how much we think that data can save a brand’s day.

One clever example of how media monitoring can help your marketing strategy is by finding out not just what people are saying about your brand, but how they are saying it. Let’s say people online keep talking about how they got your product to replace another brand’s product that broke down or didn’t serve their purpose. You just learned a handful of things; they are getting your product, and prefer it to those they had before, but for a lot of people your product is actually their second choice. Even that is good news – you also have a wealth of reviews about how your product compares to your competitors. Whether you found a way to display those positive statements directly, or developed an ad campaign directly comparing your product to those it better replaces, now you’re one step closer to your next series of ads, and maybe even new marketing language that you use consistently throughout your work.

Of course, not everything you find is good news. At least, not when you see it. You might encounter negative comments about your brand, or reviews of your products and services that don’t paint a pretty picture. But that is actually when media monitoring is at its best. Having information about what your customers aren’t liking can also serve as a tool to improve on your products and services and shift your marketing to your existing strengths. It also gives you the ability to directly respond to people and generate goodwill, all the while developing an image of a brand that cares about what their customers think. You may even find something that gives your company a brand-new product idea, or a unique marketing plan that shows that your brand is growing beyond its mistakes.

In this digital age, online media monitoring is an important investment for any modern business. Like its offline counterparts (i.e. newspaper, television and radio), online sources have their own level of complexity when monitoring. There’s each social media platform, each with its own kind of content that requires its own monitoring approach – you can search for text on Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram and YouTube still require someone combing through photo and video to get to the heart of what people are saying. And so many people are saying so many things. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active users, all talking about various brands and services. Even the most diligent brand couldn’t catch everything, while also developing products and sharpening their brand image. Having a dedicated firm working on that for you frees you up to simply receive and process the data that it brings. It also means putting more of your marketing team’s heads together on using the data in interesting ways that enrich your image. And, let’s be honest, that’s probably what you want to do more anyway.

So, if you weren’t sure how media monitoring could help you before, hopefully this clears it up a little. If you want a clearer idea of what people are saying about your brand, you’re interested in improving your products to serve your customers better, and you want to develop richer and more interesting ad campaigns, you should invest in monitoring people’s thoughts and opinions about your brand

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