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Back to School Data Story

Have you noticed a jump in traffic on the roads? Well you know what that means… it’s Back to School time again. We pulled all the advertising data for campaigns targeting Back to School across the Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago markets. Campaigns were tracked across 85 different broadcast stations and 12 newspapers. A lack of regional brand advertising along with some glaring holes stood out to us in our investigation of the data.

Courts stands alone as the ONLY brand with a presence in all 4 markets.

The Courts brand Back to School campaign was across Radio in all 4 markets. In Guyana they only ran ads on Radio. Barbados was Radio and Press, while Grenada was Radio and TV. In Trinidad and Tobago’s market they had a presence across all four media types Radio, Press, TV and Cable.

This regional retail company was one of only 4 brands with a regional presence in our data. Unicomer the parent company of Courts has two other brands, Courts Optical and Radioshack, that were present in the data for 3 of the 4 markets. The only other brand that advertised in more than one market was Fast Cash. They ran a back to school loan campaign in Grenada and Barbados. The lack of regionality in the data is always a little surprising but is consistent with our previous tracking around Back to School.

Unicomer Brands lead the way in Regional Advertising.

We noted the way in which Unicomer changed its media mix from market to market and this inspired us to take a wider look at the data. What patterns could we see in the media types that were used in each market by the Back to School advertisers.

Holes Exist in the Media Mixes of Grenada and Barbados.

We looked at the number of ad placements across Media Types by market. Two holes stand out in the data set. ‘Barbados TV’ and ‘Grenada Newspapers’. The Barbados TV advertising market continues to be very weak. This weakness can be traced back decades, but always stands out in the data analysis. The absence of advertising in the weekly Grenada newspapers monitored by Media InSite, was a little surprising. Newspapers have traditionally been a favored medium for retail campaigns. However, international trends for Newspaper advertising spending have been generally negative. Online news reporting and advertising have been especially disruptive in the Newspaper sector. Advertising spend in Newspapers in general has been under pressure and Grenada’s results highlight an overall trend that we see affecting the newspapers we track across the region.

Media Mix by Market.

Trinidad & Tobago shows the most healthy Media Market in the data with strong representation across all four media types we track – TV, Radio, Newspaper and Cable.

Friday is the busiest day for Back to School Advertising.

Analyzing the activity by day of the week, we find Friday the busiest day. This impact was driven a lot by the Trinidad & Tobago market. The Trinidad & Tobago data shows the highest peak for Friday. A peak that is a lot more pronounced relative to the other markets. Trinidad & Tobago has a peak on Friday of 50% above the mean. Activity on Fridays is 19% higher than the next most active day, Thursday. This combined with the fact that Trinidad & Tobago had the most activity among the four markets was a big factor in Friday being the busiest day overall. Barbados also showed a preference for Friday with 61% more activity above the mean on Friday. However, the gap to the next most active day, Thursday, is only 3%.

Activity by Weekday and Market.

Interestingly Guyana advertisers chose to place more activity on a Wednesday and also saw the smallest fall off in activity on the weekends, relative to the other four markets. Grenada’s advertisers favored Thursdays.

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