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The Power of Seasonal Promotions

With Trinidad & Tobago’s Independence Day last Saturday and Republic Day fast on its way, it’s a good idea for us to talk about one of the most powerful things that you can do to help sell your brand – tying yourself into seasons and special events. And we don’t mean simply coming up with a cool ‘Happy Holidays’ post for Instagram (although that shouldn’t be ruled out). We mean connecting to the things that your ideal consumer wants or needs around this time. Let’s show you how.

Firstly, tap into the spirit of the season. Often to do this you need to have a chat with a couple other departments, but this is always a great place to start. Think about your brand’s products and services that give your customers exactly what they need at this season. Think Coca Cola and Starbucks giving limited edition cups around Christmas time. This might seem silly to most folks, but if you market it as a ‘Christmas Gift’, folks might be into it. Of course, it being exclusive to that season doesn’t hurt. Another great example is a restaurant or theatre giving deals to people who come with their significant other on Valentine’s Day, or spas giving out special offers to people who are buying something for their mom for Mother’s Day.

By tapping into what makes those seasons special, you stand the chance of connecting to the feelings that they’re having, and they may buy from you just to get into the spirit of the holiday. You may also be making their life easier by solving a problem for them – if one of your potential customers didn’t know what to get their mother for Mother’s Day, you’ve given then an option and a deal. What’s not to love, right?

Marketing, of course, always works best when you use customer behaviour to help shape your marketing. We’ve spoke in the past about how Caribbean Airlines uses data to help inform their pre-vacation marketing, helping customers find deals to get to other Caribbean countries for festivals like Carnival, or to visit their family in the US for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Cellular service providers also try this from time to time, giving special rates on phone calls for holidays like Mother’s Day (fun fact – it’s the day that the most calls in the world get made!). By making it easier for people to do things they already want to do on that holiday, they’re more likely to do it with your brand.

However, you decide to approach your marketing and sales here, be sure to amplify your brand’s voice. One of the strongest things that you can do is to develop your marketing plan not as though you’re just a company trying to get your customer’s attention, but as a ‘person’ sharing their own feelings about this special day, whatever it is. Sometimes, the things that really make folks feel connected is sharing content featuring your brand’s staff and special customers. Maybe a post of the entire office celebrating the mothers on their staff, or a video of your team celebrating a holiday together, or even watching the #CPL19 finals together (yes, those are opportunities for seasonal promotions as well). You want to make people feel like they’re celebrating with you, or at least that they’d want to.

If you start thinking about the various holidays and festivities going around as opportunities to solve consumer problems and connect them to your brand’s identity, you can go a long way to get people to relate to you. If you’re really lucky, your target audience may even entangle your brand with their favourite holiday in their mind, the way that Coca-Cola and Christmas used to be back in the 90’s. Good luck! And don’t forget to get your hands on the data you need to figure out how your audience acts during certain seasons to get the ideas flowing about your next move.

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