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3 questions to ask yourself about your customers before creating a content marketing strategy.

We’ve spoken in the past about the kind of things you want to keep in mind about your company before starting your marketing plan, but this time we want to turn our eyes back to what’s ultimately more important – the customer.

For the record, we’re going to ignore the regular demographic information that we’re used to focusing on. But it’s not because it’s not important. It’s because we’re already trained to keep that stuff in mind when building a marketing plan. There are lots of things, however, that sometimes slip past us because we’re not mindful of them.

Firstly, what media do your customers consume? Are they more interested in comedic content, drama, or documentaries? Are they more likely to be moved by personal stories, or do they respond better to a professional touch? All these things help determine how you approach the content that you decide to create for your customers to enjoy. The idea is not just to create videos or blog posts that don’t seem like conventional advertising; the entire point is to create things that your audience likes so much that they’ll share it with their friends and family, all on their own. The best way to do that is to think about what they already like reading or watching, and giving them content that matches their appetite.

Of course, you can approach your content in more than one way, to appeal to the wide range of audiences and the genres they find enjoyable. But that doesn’t change the importance of the question. Figuring out where most of your audience falls will help you keep a keen eye on cultural trends that are reaching particular groups of people, inform how much effort you spend on promoting certain posts, and may even give you new ways to think about how to talk about your products and services.

Another useful question to ask yourself is what are your customers nostalgic for? If you’ve been paying attention to Hollywood at all, it’s no mystery that nostalgia sells. That’s because the content that we used to enjoy in the past also brings fond memories of a different time in our lives, and we’re wired to respond positively to things that bring back those memories. If you can create content that taps into that, you can trigger those emotions and attach them to your brand. Whether that means making videos going back into your brand’s past at a time that your customers want to return to, or writing interesting history lessons about the development and advertising of your products and services, there’s a lot that you can give your audience to reminisce about (and even give your younger consumers something to learn).

And lastly, try asking yourself what can your customers learn from you?

This is especially important for small or emerging brands, or companies who provide services to other businessmen or companies. More often than not, good content is content that your audience can gain new knowledge from. If your content does that for them, not only will they come to trust your insight and expertise, they’ll also keep coming back for more of what you have to say (and share it with their friends and colleagues). They’re also more likely to hire you to solve their problems, because you’ve proven to them that you know what you’re talking about, and that you’re passionate enough to provide value to them for free.

If you ask yourself these three questions, you’ll get the answers you need to make compelling content that keeps people coming back for more. Of course, we at Media InSite can help you answer the other questions to complete your marketing plan, so you can start making the content you need to grow!

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