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How data can transform your social media presence

We here at Media InSite just can’t stop talking about how important data is. It helps you discover your consumers, identify aspects of their lives that are even just tangentially connected to your products and services, and even gives you the tools to understand how to improve those things that your company makes. But whether you’re working on social media marketing for a company, or you’re a personal brand trying to enhance your reach, data can take your online presence to the next level in some very important ways.

First, and perhaps most obviously, is that your social data can help you discover the best times to engage with your desired audience. Social media platforms like Facebook Pages and Instagram let you know what days and times people are most likely to look at your content, but there are also so many different ways to gather that data to inform your presence in other spaces.

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For instance, if you have a website that people engage with at particular days and times, think about how that can inform how you push eyes towards your other content, like adding the photos from your Instagram to your website blogs? Especially where there is overlap between how consumers engage with all your online content, there’s a huge opportunity for you to use all your platforms to complement each other and create a more consistent ecosystem for people to find out information about your products and services.

Which brings me to the next thing that data can tell you about your social media presence – what about your brand that your audience truly connects with. Whether you develop behind-the-scenes content about your brand on social media, or promotional material about new products, your social platform data can tell you how many people engage with your content, and in some cases even for how long. Being mindful about the meaning behind Facebook reactions and social comments can even give you an idea about whether that engagement is entirely positive or not.

But there’s one more way how data can really have a tremendous transformative impact on your social media. More than helping you figure out when to post and what to post, it can help you discover and transform your brand’s social media identity into something that truly resonates with your consumers.

For a perfect example, think about the #LifeatLoreal campaign on Instagram. Instead of L’Oréal simply promoting their products and promotions, the beauty brand decided to open their platform up for staff to share their fun experiences at the company’s locations around the world. They saw a great chance to give consumers a peek into the brand’s corporate culture and present a more human side to a company that sells a deliberately more polished image. It was also a clever way to promote some of the company’s corporate social responsibility work without sounding insincere.

And they stumbled on this organically, after realizing how well their audience responded to some of the content that they were sharing. Similarly, when you look through the data to see what people like to see and how they engage with it across each of your social media spaces, you’ll discover an interesting narrative direction to employ across all your platforms. It might be a consistent direction across all of them, or each one of your social media spaces has their own tone and aesthetic. Either way, the data you get from your audience will tell you what your space should be.

So, while you’re working on your new content strategy for your brand, don’t just think about what times they’re likely to see the stuff you share, but how they can inform the things you share for them. After all, the way to increase your engagement isn’t just to make stuff that stays in their face, but things that they want to see more and share with their friends. And remember, in all things media and marketing, the data is ultimately your guide not to be more calculated, but to find your most sincere approach.

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