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7 reasons why Barbados & Guyana’s Dads are the same and 85 reasons they’re not!

In honour of all the ties that were bought for Father’s Day we analysed some of the ties that bind Barbados and Guyana’s advertising markets. Dads all over Barbados and Guyana enjoyed a day of fun, family and food influenced by roughly a months’ long advertising campaign. Media InSite captured every ad that ran between May 20th and June 16th 2019, recording, cataloging and archiving data from 13 TV stations (channels), 24 Radio stations and 8 Newspapers.

Barbados and Guyana only share 7 categories out of 42 for Father’s Day. All advertising is categorized in our system putting similar business and brands together. These categories are ubiquitous across all markets. Fathers’ day is an international celebration being adapted and leveraged by local advertisers and when we started the analysis we thought that we would see pretty much the same categories lighting up in both markets. What we found was 42 categories present in our analysis. Barbados had 21 categories and Guyana had 32 categories. When we drilled into the data we ONLY found 7 categories that were present in both markets including restaurants, electronics, expos, supermarkets, furniture & appliances, government and mass media. That is only 17% commonality. This surprised us so we decided to dig a little deeper to see what else the two markets had in common. 87 Brands ran advertising for Fathers’ Day 85 of them were only in one market. Across both markets a total of 87 brands were tracked in our Fathers’ Day analysis. In Barbados we counted 32 brands and in Guyana 53. Across the 87 Brands we only found 2 shared brands. Brands that ran ads in both markets – Courts and Radio Shack. Interesting that two countries with so much shared history had virtually no cross over in advertising brands.

Courts & Radio Shack the ONLY regional brands in both markets.

Courts and RadioShack were the only two regional brands that ran Fathers’ Day campaigns in both Barbados and Guyana. Unicomer owns both these brands and they were running regional creatives with localization of the specific retail content. Guyana ran press and radio ads while Barbados only ran press. Press was the lead medium running 5 press insertions in the Nation in Barbados and 3 insertions in Guyana’s Stabroek News (2) and Kaiteur News (1) as well as 51 radio ads spread across 89.1 FM NTN (10), 94.1 FM HJ Boom (15) and 98.1 FM Hot (18).

Caribbean unity is always a topic of conversation between countries in the region. We ourselves at Media InSite are an example of a company that spans the region, with our focus on providing marketers with the data they need to help them make better decisions from Jamaica down through the English- speaking Caribbean all the way to Guyana. There are countless examples of regional companies spanning multiple markets we just found it very interesting the glaring lack of examples in our advertising data for Barbados and Guyana this Father’s Day.

To all the Dads reading this we wish you a belated Father’s Day.

If you would like to get more information on the advertising trends in your industry and market Media InSite is there to give you a much more complete and useable picture of your advertising landscape than ever before. With our services and reports, you get an independent assessment of your entire market, and we can show you exactly how your advertising, and your competitors’ advertising, actually ran. Media InSite is an independent, Port of Spain-based media intelligence service specializing in competitor intelligence and ad placement auditing for brand managers, ad agencies, and media houses. Operating since 2011, the company records and indexes advertising content in Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

Statistics in this report are based on information from our proprietary digital system that logs all instances of pre-recorded spot advertising on monitored radio, TV, and cable channels along with staff-indexed newspaper display advertising content.

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