Top three things your business needs to know about Facebook

June 18, 2019


We all know Facebook. When it launched in 2004, it became the go-to platform to connect with friends and family around the world. Since then, it’s turned into the place some people get their news, a tool by which we sign into other websites, and (most importantly to you) one of the strongest platforms for marketing and advertising. Once upon a time, you weren’t doing business right if you didn’t have a website. Today, the same could be said about a Facebook page. But that’s not all there is to the gargantuan social media platform. There are a couple other things to keep your eyes out on.

One of the first is that there’s more than one type of Facebook ad. That means that there is more than one way to sell your product on the platform. Whether it’s regular photo or video ads to develop your own list of potential consumers, carousels and dynamic ads to get people looking at your larger catalogue of products, or even sending ads directly to existing followers through Facebook Messenger. If you’re smart about how to sell your brand, there’s an ad option for you. Not to mention how far a little thoughtful targeting of your audience can get you. In fact, the ability to target in unique ways, and see how many people could be reached by your ads, is something Facebook is good at, and a powerful tool in the hand of any marketing manager.

There’s also more than one way to connect Facebook to your company. Like I mentioned earlier, some brands have even used Facebook as a tool for folks to sign into their websites. Assuming that your brand’s website or services require a log-in, using Facebook Login makes it easier for consumers to engage with you, as well as making it more likely that they’ll always have the account that they make with you.

And that’s just one way to link Facebook’s functionality to your brand. If you have a blog that you want to increase engagement on, look into Facebook’s comment plugin. If you want to control the narrative of what folks share from your site, maybe look into their quote plugin. I think you’re getting the picture – Facebook has a lot of plugins, and maybe one is for you! These are super important because, above all things, encouraging others to engage with your website through Facebook, you also make it easier and more likely for them to share your products and services on their own Facebook profiles. And we all know the best advertising is word-of-mouth (or word-of-link, in this case?)

This last one is maybe the most important, though – a Facebook page is much more personal than a website. For starters, consumers can instant-message your fan page. People expect, and sometimes demand, the same immediate connectedness that we do when we WhatsApp our friends and family. Even though social media was on its slow rise before 2004, the explosion of Facebook led lots of companies to hire staff just to manage their pages…and that was before we could directly message them, before pages could follow and tag other pages, and before ads became the sophisticated tool that it is now. But, because of all of this, and especially because consumers have become more discerning about ads, it is so much more important to stay personal, accessible and consistent in your tone.

Facebook has a lot of clever features that help connect your company to your intended customers, but keeping these three things in mind is a great start to make sure that you use each and any of their tools to bring out your brand’s best! So, go out there and make some marketing magic!

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