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How to build a Successful PR campaign with Data

The key to a good public relations campaign is the same as that of a good business – data and planning. It’s not enough to have a strong message, in a world where so many people are being bombarded with marketing from so many social networks. You need to define your audience and sharpen your message to meet them, while making yourself distinct from all the other brands jostling for attention. But, with the right approach and a little creativity, that job can get so much easier. Here are some steps to incorporate in planning your PR campaign so it has a higher likelihood of success.

  • Analyze your data and target audience side-by-side. It goes without saying that, when you’ve decided to start a new public relations campaign, you begin with your target audience. But maybe you’re still figuring that out or think it can do with some more refining. What better time to look at the data around who is engaging with your brand and products, to see who it makes sense to target your marketing towards.

  • Let your data guide your platform. Don’t forget that you can even get data on what media people are using to engage with your brand. If you have the power to figure out whether your potential customers spend hours on their phones instead of watching TV, it makes sense to develop a public relations strategy that reaches them on social media platforms like Instagram. But it could still just as easily be they spend more time on traditional media (believe it or not), and the only way to find out is to check what the data says. It’s so important to cater your messaging to the data – not only does this help to make an engaging public relations campaign, but it’ll also save you a ton of money!

  • Find out where your potential customers spend their time. There are a few clever ways to use data to find out where your target consumers are also paying attention, so you can use it to your advantage. Whether it’s the data you gather through your website or a smart use of online tools, you should always try to discover whether your audience overlaps with those of major influencers and tastemakers in the same field, or sometimes even wildly different ones. Try partnering with those other brands, or even simply making content that would appeal to them in other ways. In so doing, you can strengthen your message, probably gather new fans, and create more access points for people to engage with your brand. It’s something you should prioritze, as well as developing partnerships that enrich your brand in the long term.

  • Work to your strengths. You already have data on the best way to approach new business, so use that! If certain kinds of ads or Public Releases have been successful, try emulating the cause of that success. But this means looking at the data and identifying what works. Of course, there may be some small wins that you think are a better fit for a new campaign. But there are still things that you can learn and apply from the data of previous marketing campaigns; like what times and seasons have seen consumers more interested or the tactics you used to generate engagement.

If you approach your public relations with these four steps in mind (and the data), we can guarantee the ability to measure the impact of your campaigns. Of course, the default first step is to gather the data you need to do it all, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what to look for. And, if you already have what you need, then get started on your next killer PR campaign!

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