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Why does every Caribbean Business need a Public Relations Strategy?

A public relations strategy is one of those things that some businesses confuse for marketing. Sure, it overlaps at times, but…why is it important to separate the two? Well, while it might be strong to say it’s the lifeblood of any good company, it is certainly the thing that puts you at the top of mind for your customers. So, if you’re one of those folks who isn’t sure where to begin, here are a handful of reasons for you to seriously invest in time in creating a PR plan.

  • To establish presence and credibility. This is of course the default reason for coming up with any public relations strategy – to make sure people see you and trust you. We can never assume that everyone is aware of this fact. People sometimes think that having a great product or service is enough, but in a world where consumers are bombarded with content on their Newsfeed, what makes you think they’ll see yours? Every day, amazing products don’t see the light because companies don’t place enough effort in planning their PR. This is especially true in the Caribbean, where brands trying to break into the regional market are competing in multiple countries constantly. Which means it’s up to you to make sure that people see how amazing your product is and tell them why.

  • To help decide how consumers see you. A brand is more than just getting people to like and trust your products and services. It’s also your brand identity and attracting the customers you want. It’s how companies like Apple frame their products as premium, high-quality technology for power users, while brands like HP describe theirs as affordable but still able to meet consumers’ need. But when companies don’t identify their specific consumer, they have no choice but to make assumptions. And, more often they’ll make the wrong ones – maybe your product isn’t in their price range, or won’t meet their needs, or that your brand is sending mixed messages. But, when you take the time to introduce your customers to the real you, their trust builds.

  • To lead the conversation about your brand. Without a PR strategy, everyone else will get a chance to describe brand – past customers, potential consumers and even competitors. You can see why that wouldn’t be the best for your brand. But if you take the time to tell people what your company and your products are all about, you can make sure that no one gets the wrong message. It also puts the power to market new products and services in your hands instead of someone else’s and means that you get to decide how and when people discover important news about your business.

  • To enrich partnerships. People often don’t think about how good PR makes other organizations more interested in partnering with you, but it’s true. When brands are looking to collaborate, they’re often looking for a brand whose image and quality matches their own, which means being deliberate about your own brand image with a thoughtful public relations strategy that will help attract the right partners. They’ll also be looking for a brand that knows how to amplify themselves, which will benefit them as well. When a partnering organization knows that you’re capable of putting the spotlight on your positive relationship with them, they’ll be more willing to give their all to enhancing that project, and they’ll talk about how great your organization is too! That equates to stronger, longer-lasting partnerships; as well as extended PR for you!

Just in case you still need more reasons, here’s one – the best person to tell your story is you. Even with the happiest customers sharing the best word-of-mouth recommendations of your brand or products, you still need to take ownership of the conversation. When you take the time to talk about your products, you can make sure that people see the version of you that they need to. So, if you haven’t come up with a PR strategy for your brand yet…what are you waiting for?

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