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How does Data influence Caribbean Airlines Advertising?

We can’t stress enough how important data can be to an ad campaign. We’ve talked in a previous blog post about how the right data can help refine who you target. But there’s one thing we want to talk about even more - how the right data can shape optimize your budget, sharpen your message, and reach your target audience better.

You see, if you get the right data, and you know how to look at it, you’ll notice more than just demographic data. You can see unique ways to genuinely understand and connect with the people your product or service is for.

Take Caribbean Airlines (CAL) for example: They’re one of the top ten brands of the last quarter of 2018, and there’s a reason why - they don’t just time their ads well, they shape those ads to truly speak to their audience and their audiences’ desires.

DATA SOURCE: Media InSite Q4 2018 Market Snapshot report

The CAL approach to ads starts where many would expect - they set ad campaigns to coincide with consumers’ salary dates, in order to make sure that folks are more likely to see their ads only when they have the disposable income to take that impulsive Florida vacation. That sounds intuitive, doesn’t it? But, where many others bombard consumers with ads to hypnotize people with their brand, it’s actually really refreshing to target smarter; quality over quantity, if you will.

Another strong tactic is to use data on the events that spark greater interest in your brand. Think about how fast food chains like Mario’s creates targeted campaigns for parents and their young kids around Secondary Entrance Assessment time.

In Caribbean Airlines’ case, they ramp up their ads to parallel major regional events that Caribbean consumers are likely to want to travel for, like Tobago Jazz Festival, Trinidad’s Carnival and Barbados’ Grand Kadooment.

These are events that Caribbean people gear up for all year and by providing that little nudge, CAL increases impulse buys when ads cross the eyes or ears, of someone already considering the journey. So, when Caribbean Airlines gently walks in front of your eyes and tells you that they’ll make it easy for you to get that flight to see your favorite musician, you’re more likely to buy that ticket on the spot.

And, of course, we can’t talk about Caribbean Airlines without mentioning their killer radio ad that ran across Carnival season. In a way, that song (sung by the influential Machel Montano) brings together all that we just spoke about - targeting ads that cater to your audience’s periods of activity and tying it into events that spark interest. And CAL takes it one step further by not trying too hard to sell you anything. The song is so catchy and relate-able that you forget it’s trying to get you to buy a plane ticket - in fact, they don’t even say the words ‘Caribbean Airlines’ till near the end of the ad. More and more data tell us how much people don’t like or trust ads - it’s the reason that influencers are making so much money! People want stories, human elements - not products - to connect them to your brand.

Of course, when you look at the data surrounding your own target audience, you might see specific trends that lead you to make different decisions to what Caribbean Airlines and other brands are doing. That’s okay...once you’re going where the data leads you, instead of taking a shot in the dark. With social media competing with traditional advertising, and so many brands having more access, there’s too much competing for your consumer’s attention. By paying attention to what your target audience is telling you through the data, you can more easily get them to listen to and invest in your brand. Would you like access to more detail reports? Sign up here for a demo.

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