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Who are the top 5 advertisers in the Caribbean?

Nielsen reported that Americans are spending over 11 hours interacting with media. In a marketing landscape that’s growing more and more crowded with content, it’s always worth it to look at who is investing big to get consumers’ attention, and how that’s paying off for them. If you and your marketing team are wondering who you can learn from, how about we give you some help?

Here are the five advertisers that we think are hard to not notice;

  1. Unicomer - We think that Unicomer is truly winning the marketing game. Their leading Caribbean brand, Courts, can easily make it to the top of this list all on their own, thanks to savvy marketing that doesn’t take its long history in the region for granted. But, when you mention the other brands under their group of companies that are crafting their own unique identities, like Ashley Homestore and Courts Optical, they’re a tough brand to try to compete against.

  2. Caribbean Airlines - Sticking to their tried-and-true targeted advertising techniques and hitting the jackpot with a stellar soca song ad with Machel Montano, Caribbean Airlines is having a really great start to 2019. They were in the top ten brands of the last quarter of 2018, and they continue to show how they got on there by making smart marketing choices that truly reach their ideal consumers.

  3. C&W Communications - Including a handful of strong telecommunications brands like Cable & Wireless and Flow, and operating all over the Caribbean and Latin America, C&W has a lot to advertise. Gradually expanding across the Caribbean over the last couple of years, they’ve been working hard to secure the market share of their most successful and well-known brand, Flow, while making sure that consumers know what they have to offer in terms of wholesale network services and business solutions. Given the level of competition in the telecoms industry in the Caribbean, it makes a lot of sense to spend big - and, of course be smart and targeted - to attract attention to your brand.

  1. National Lotteries Control Board - If you’re from Trinidad & Tobago, you probably haven’t gone more than five feet without seeing an NLCB ad. They have a ridiculous number of products for those wanting to take a chance for a quick dollar, and even work to develop new seasonal lottery attractions to funnel attention to their overall brand. They also advertise their various locations across the country as bill payment locations, encouraging consumers to conveniently get their errands out of the way...and take a chance on a million-dollar lottery while they’re there.

  2. Republic Bank - Perhaps even more than talking up their products and services as a financial institution, Republic Bank talks often about their sponsorships and corporate social responsibility work, like their frequent competitions centered around youth. Don’t underestimate the advantages of talking more about you’re the brand your customers should trust, not just because you’re good at the services you provide, but because you care about the people and communities that you serve.

There are many more top advertisers to keep on your radar, but these are just a few. Hopefully, there are things they’re winning at that will help inform how you approach your own company’s advertising.

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