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What is the Biggest Brand in the Caribbean?

With so many brands vying for attention, not just in the Caribbean, but in the global marketplace, sometimes it’s hard for an audience to see any one brand stand out as the most recognizable. But there are a few that emerge victorious - Coca Cola, Google and Nike are just a few. But what’s the equivalent brand in the Caribbean?

Well, let’s look at the region’s top brand for 2018’s last quarter - Unicomer. They have a tremendous reach across multiple markets, from furniture to technology to even optometry. They’re a truly dominant brand, not just because of their incredible size and reach, but how they use data to target ads across their multiple companies.

Among Unicomer’s group of companies are three furniture brands

  • - the well-known regional furniture store Courts,

  • the more high-end Ashley Homestore,

  • and the smaller Lucky Dollar.

That’s three separate stores, with their own ideal customers, giving Unicomer a lion’s share of the market across more than any one demographic. A potential buyer is familiar with Courts because of their long history, but is looking for something more high-end? They can use that exact same data to help their other brand get the sale.

Unicomer is even making a name for themselves as a loan provider, making it easier for consumers to finance purchases across all their stories as well as take entire cash loans to do other things like upgrade their home, buy things they wouldn’t get at any Unicomer store, or even do something crazy like pay for their Carnival costume. Of course, this feeds directly into their furniture and appliance business, where hire purchase has always been a norm, but it allows their company to branch out infinitely and be a part of a potential consumer’s purchase of anything they can think of.

If appliances and technology wasn’t enough for this huge brand, they’ve also invested in their own certified repair company, putting them in a position to keep customers even after they purchase the appliances they need. Here in the Caribbean, on top of all the above products and services, they even entered the optometry game as of late, demonstrating that there is nothing they won’t work to be a market leader on. They have other companies engaged in similar products and services in other parts of the Americas and are using the best practices they gather globally to strengthen the success of each of their individual companies.

With a presence in fifteen islands of the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America, it’s hard to dispute the impact of this brand in the region. But different people have their eyes on different brands.

Comment under this blog and let us know who you think the most recognized brand in the Caribbean is to you!

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