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Why do you need data before starting an ad campaign?

Let’s say you’re a marketing manager, working to figure out how to expand your market share and introduce your brand’s new product or service. Of course, your first thought is “I should get some ads running!”. You’ve got the right idea...but that’s not the first thing you should do. Where you want to start is to get your hands on some market research data on the folks you want to see you. You’re probably thinking you don’t need to - you know who your product is aimed at, and you have an idea for an advertisement that you’re sure will be a hit!

Keep that energy...but trust us when we say you’ll want to look at the data before you take one more step.

In this changing media landscape, you can’t afford to get started without first knowing more about who you want to see your ads. Yeah, you might think you know who your target audience is, but advertising isn’t a point-and-shoot affair. If you’re targeting young people, you also want to know what other things they are interested in and what kinds of media they consume.

What about targeting parents or working adults, the data might tell you that certain words like ‘sale’ and ‘savings’ win big, and that other keywords work best for other ad targets. Starting with media ads before having an idea what’s the best thing to say to your audience is kind of like starting a conversation without knowing what your listener is into. Yeah, technically you’re talking to them, but it’s possible that your audience won’t want to listen...

In some instances, looking at the data will help you refine, or even pivot on your target audience. You might think your product is for the average joe, but if you looked at the data on average incomes and spending trends you might see that they’re not where you want to place your focus. Or, if you’re adamant that your product or service is specifically with this audience in mind, you may want to talk to the teams responsible for making relevant changes to the product before you invest in advertising, or do a little more thinking to make sure your ads are as enticing as you need them to be.

The right data will tell you; what your audience finds interesting or responds positively to. Which means you have all the tools you need to make the ad they’re sure to watch. But you need to look at the information first.

Looking at the data can also help you decide where your ad goes. We’ve spoken here before about how traditional media is still winning in the regional ad market, but that’s only true for some audiences.

Young people, for instance, are consuming everything from TV shows to news from their cellphones. If you saw the data, you maybe wouldn’t spend that extra money on a full-page newspaper ad for your newly opened club or something when putting an ad on Instagram would reach much more people.

Just like you need to know who you want to see your ads, it's just as important - maybe even more so - to know how to best reach your hopeful consumers. And you have the chance now, with the data available, to reach the right folks right out of the gate! And, let’s be honest, you’ll want to take that chance every time.

So, before you launch that campaign, no matter what media you decide to use, make sure to arm yourself with all the data you can have to make the strongest decision that you can. There are so many other people competing for the same attention, so make sure you’re fighting smarter.

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