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Bring your marketing efforts into focus with Media InSite’s Market SnapShot™

Now, for the first time, you can see high level views of entire advertising markets. Media InSite's new Market SnapShot™ shows you the big trends among advertisers, categories, and media houses across five Caribbean countries in an easy-to-use, interactive online report. It's a new feature included in AdKive™, our online advertising research tool designed exclusively for advertising and marketing agencies.

Here's a quick, partial tour of the new Market SnapShot™ capabilities.

Our Region view shows the overall performance of advertising activity in Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Guyana, and Trinidad & Tobago.

In this example, you can see advertising has been essentially flat for nearly two years.

Per capita comparisons are useful when assessing markets with different populations.

The chart here shows per capita value of advertising in each market. We see advertisers in Barbados and Grenada spend more per capita than other countries in the group. Notice advertisers in Jamaica, the country with the largest population, are spending less per person than any country except Guyana.

Regional marketers making budgeting decisions will find this chart useful, as it does a side by side analysis of the open rate cost of media in each market. The average open rate cost of a newspaper ad is higher in Trinidad and Tobago than Barbados, despite Barbados media’s higher per capita cost.

How do these figures translate to media performance? You can rank the top media houses in the region or, by market, for any quarter's performance.

The above shows how the regional media houses did for Q3 by advertising count. You can also do this analysis by estimated spend.

The regional performance of Brands that advertise in at least 2 markets is shown in the Top 10 list here. As you can see, retail powerhouse Courts continues to have a big impact across markets coming in first in Newspaper, fourth in Radio, and third in the TV rankings.

To see details in a specific market, click the market name. You'll see media mix for the quarter and the change in open rate value in each month of the quarter. In this example we see Guyana newspaper activity declined slightly in September while TV activity increased.

As with the Region view, market-specific views include advertiser and media house Top 10 rankings.

Want to see more? Contact us via email (info@media-insite.com).

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