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Back to School Brands bank on Newspaper Readers in Guyana. |

A closer look at the advertising spend trends for the 2018 Back to School Advertising Campaigns.

Now that it is September and the new school year is fully underway, we take a look back at how advertisers handled the bustling Back-to-School (BTS) season. We tracked Advertising Spends in the Guyana market from August 1st to September 7th 2018. During this period, advertisements that were targeted at Back-to-School or utilized the Back-to-School season to sell their products made up 3% of the total advertising spend.

Back-to-School is 3% of Total Advertising in Guyana for the period August 1st – September 7th.

We further examined a breakdown of the Share of Spend by industry. Back-to-School advertising was made up of 9 different industries. A big bulk, 69% of the activity, was within the Retail Stores Industry sending out messages to let consumers know how and where to get their Back-to-School supplies. In addition, there were 14 brands that we tracked within the Retail Stores sector - 48% of the 29 total brands that made up Back-to-School spending.

Looking at the 29 brands that ran Back-to-School advertising, the top three brands, all from the Retail Store Sector, represented 53% of estimated advertising spend.

Bhena’s Footwear (26.2%) was the clear market leader. Spending almost twice as much was the number two brand Guyana Stores (14.4%) followed by John Lewis Styles at number 3 (12.0%).

Top 3 Brands a Closer Look.

Looking at where these three leading brands spent their advertising dollars we can conclude that they each had different strategies. Bhena’s Footwear spent all of its budget in Newspapers, placing ads exclusively with the Kaieteur News. Guyana Stores split their budget between Newspapers 57% (Kaieteur News) and TV at 43% ( MTV 14, NCN 11 & TVG 28).

John Lewis Styles opted to not place any budget with Newspapers and instead split their spend between Radio 69% (089.5 FM RGI, 090.1 FM Mix, 093.1 FM Real & 094.1 FM HJ Boom) and TV 31% (ENET SKAR, E-Networks 1, HGPTV 67, MTV 14 65, NCN 11, NTN TV 18 & TVG 28).

Kaieteur News Wins Big

Looking at the media types used to influence consumers we saw advertising placed across 23 different media outlets. Newspapers, with 61% had the largest percentage of the estimated spend.

For Back-to-School the breakdown was 61% on Newspapers, 25% on Radio and 22% on TV. The undeniable winner among the Media Outlets was the Kaieteur News which won 49% of the total advertising spends for Back-to-School. This is a very dominant performance by Kaieteur News in the Guyana Market.

Kaieteur News stands firm at number 1 for that period across all advertising in the market by estimated spend. That estimated spend is however only 19% of the Total Spend. So, for the Back-to-School Campaign, KaieteurNews was able to double more than its share of spend as a percentage figure. This is certainly a very impressive performance by this media outlet.

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