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Kadooment weighs in heavily on Barbados’ broadcast airwaves.

Kadooment grabs the attention of Barbados, the first Monday of August, every year. The biggest event of the Crop Over Season sees tens of thousands creating a joyous spectacle on the road, from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway. The impact of this event reverberates across the local media landscape. If you wanted to gauge the impact of Kadooment beyond the size of the crowds how would you weigh it’s impact on the media landscape?

Kadooment (definition)

A loud commotion, party or event. A big fuss. From Barbadian dialect.

We took on this challenge for 2018, using the uniqueness of the name Kadooment, we tracked just how big of a commotion it made this year on broadcast media. Specifically we tracked how much it was heard in Broadcast Media during the Crop Over Season from June to August 6th.

Kadooment rings out across the Broadcast Landscape. We employed our unique tools to monitor Barbados’ media landscape for any mention of Kadooment. Monitoring all the radio and the single local TV channel in Barbados, we programmed our tools to detect and record every time that the word “kadooment” was mentioned and then we assessed the context in which it was used. Of the broadcast stations there was a clear leader – The One 98.1 FM – was out front in recorded mentions with 38% of the total 567 mentions in our defined time-period. The One was clearly a beacon for the festival with 200% more mentions than their sister station Q 100.7 FM, which came in second. Interestingly, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, as a broadcasting group, took 4 of the top 5 spots in our data. Accounting for an impressive 68.6% of all the times Kadooment was heard in broadcast media in Barbados.

Ads vs Mentions of Kadooment We next brokedown the data to see earned vs paid mentions of Kadooment. Differentiating between the number of times an announcer or guest on a broadcast network said the word Kadooment vs how many times it was part of a paid for advertisement.

This was a very interesting exercise in gauging the impact of a word across the broadcast media landscape. Have you every wondered what impact your brand is having? Or what kind of traction your sponsorship of an event might be getting in the media? At Media InSite we can provide you with the most complete picture of the media landscape in the Caribbean. Tracking paid and earned media make our tool set and products uniquely valuable to both marketing and communications professionals. From tracking the performance of a new campaign to tracking the impact of a hot story we can take the guess work out of it for you. Bring your marketing efforts and challenges into focus with Media InSite.

Earned Media is a term used to describe coverage that is sought by marketers but that is not bought as advertising. Earned media is what Public Relations or Corporate Communications professionals are always gauging and recording to help them track the impact their brands are having. Tracking earned media has traditionally been a thankless job, often involving assigning people to manually listen, watch and read as much of the content coming out as they can in an effort to gain as complete a picture as possible. At Media InSite we have massively improved this process. We monitor more Caribbean radio and TV content than anyone, anywhere, recording and analysing 168 broadcast stations continuously. Proprietary software allows us to search through thousands of hours of programming every day to find mentions of brands, competitors, and topics of interest. Then our staff of trained journalists expertly curate found content and write accurate, succinct summaries of detected mentions. We then serve this curated content up to our clients where they can listen, watch and read all the mentions we have captured. Saving countless hours of repetitive manual effort while creating a complete picture of what is happening across your market. We also archive all content creating a permanent library for each of our clients of their mentions that they can refer whenever needed.

If you would like to get more information on Media InSite’s Media Monitoring capabilities or learn more about how we can help you stay on top of the media coverage you are interested in, in your market or across the Caribbean.


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