Surfing the advertising breaks of the 7 p.m. News in Trinidad and Tobago.

November 30, 2017


We took an in-depth look at the advertising waves that break during Trinidad & Tobago’s three local evening news programs. The local news is the most important program in the local Television schedule. It consistently attracts some of the largest broadcast audiences and the most ad placements.

We examined the advertising run during the 7 p.m. News, in September, across three TV stations- CCN TV6, CNC3 and CTV. We found that the three generally ran 8 advertising breaks within their show, along with one pre-News break. This pattern was statistically significant with a few outliers in the data.

Let’s take a closer look at the 9 ‘waves’ of advertising that break up the 7 p.m. News:


CCN TV6 ran the most ads in their evening news- with more than 900 running during the month. That is an average of more than 30 per show. They had a small edge over CNC3. CTV comes in a distant third.


Having established the 9 breaks we looked at the average amount of ad time on each day of the week.


The data shows that generally Mondays and Tuesdays were favored by advertisers in September. Interestingly Thursdays were the only days where CNC3 had, on average, more ad time than CCN-TV6.


The audience as we know does not tune into a show for the ads. One of the problems advertisers have is that audiences will often watch a show and then change the channel during the advertising break. This tendency only increases as the length of advertising breaks increase. At Media InSite we use the length of advertising breaks to track what we term the ‘clutter’ in a broadcast schedule. Our ‘clutter’ report allows you to see the average time devoted to ad breaks during different periods of the day.


Advertising Clutter across the Trinidad and Tobago TV Broadcast Schedule – September 2017



CCN 3 TV Has the longest pre-News Break on Air.



CNC3 consistently had the longest ‘PRE-NEWS’ ad breaks. CCN-TV6’s longest Pre-News breaks occur on Wednesdays. CTV had its longest pre-news breaks on Saturdays. 


Where were Beer brands surfing during the news?

For this analysis we looked at how Beer Brands were advertising during the news for September.


Interestingly the Beer Brands really doubled down on CCN-TV6 running twice as many ads in their news as compared with CNC3. CTV did not get any ads during this period. As far as placement within the Evening News Breaks you can see that Break 4 was the most popular with a third of the beer ads coming during the fourth ad break.

Below is a full breakdown of the Beer Ads and how they fell.



Audience attention is a scarce resource. 
“Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day.” (, Saxon, Joshua) Now think of your advertising message trying to reach your target consumer. Imagine how hard it is for your message to cut through and grab your targets attention. So, when buying advertising, it means if you just place an ad in a piece of programing, you may be missing out on some significant metrics that will affect the success of your ad. 

In 1962, with the launch of Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), consumers were introduced to local broadcast television. The consumer who was tuning into TV only had the one channel, so the likelihood of engaging with an advert was much higher. But today the market has evolved from one free-to-air channel to the multi-delivery, multi-channel labyrinth that is today’s market. The job of the advertiser has become exponentially more complicated.  

In today’s complex and fragmenting media market maximizing your brand's impact on your customer's finite attention span is critical. Let’s say you have chosen to target a local TV audience in the important 7 p.m. News Show. You book the program, but do you care where in the show your ad is placed? Of course you do! The audience, especially in the News, tends to be there at the beginning to catch the headlines, and audience levels are likely to fluctuate. It is important to understand how ad breaks fall in the program.





Media InSite is there to give you a much more complete and useable picture of your advertising landscape than ever before. With our services and reports, you get an independent assessment of your entire market, and we can show you exactly how your advertising, and your competitors’ advertising, actually ran.Media InSite is an independent, Port of Spain-based advertising data service specializing in competitor intelligence and ad placement auditing for brand managers, ad agencies, and media houses. Operating since 2011, the company records and indexes advertising content in Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.


Statistics in this report are based on information from our proprietary digital system that logs all instances of pre-recorded spot advertising on monitored radio, TV, and cable channels along with staff-indexed newspaper display advertising content.


Allison Demas
Founder and CEOMedia InSite Ltd.


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