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Top 20 industries account for 93% of the advertising activity across newspapers, tv and radio.

At Media Insite, we track over 50 separate “industries”, and we see a skewed pattern where the top 10 industries account for 76% of the advertising activity. As the headline states if you add in the next ten industries you account for 93% of the activity. This pattern does make the advertising industry as a whole more vulnerable, a major cut back in the #1 or #2 industries would affect 37% of advertising revenue. Q1 is slightly more skewed than Q2, with a less even distribution in the top 10.

When you compare Q1 vs Q2 we see 8% growth in the overall advertising activity. Q1 calendar is dominated by Carnival season. This can be seen in the #1 industry with Entertainment representing 26% of the advertising in that period. This dominance falls off dramatically by -40% in Q2 as the nation shifts out of carnival mode. The dominance of carnival on people’s attention might also account for the trend of the other top 5 industries where they increase their activity in Q2 over Q1. On average they increase activity by 9%. The only other top 10 industries to show a decline are Restaurants / Food Service and Telecommunications. Restaurants and Food services dropped -2%. Not surprising that it dropped off, but it is somewhat surprising how little the drop was, as you might expect the Resturant / Food industry to be more closely correlated to the Entertainment industry. Telecommunications shows a massive -33% dip in spending. This dip may point to the fact that brands in this industry are some of the biggest sponsors of Carnival and that this support for Carnival causes a big boost in their advertising push in Q1.

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