Leadership Team

Allison Demas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Allison Demas is a former Attorney-at-Law turned Entrepreneur who brings with her over fifteen (15) years of experience in monitoring media content, including pioneering the digital tracking of music on radio. Her main focus is tracking, measuring and analysing media content such as news, advertisements, marketing campaigns, public relations campaigns and social media conversations. 


Demas is committed to Caribbean integration and her vision is for Media InSite to become the Global Leader in real-time tracking, measuring and analysis of Caribbean media content. 


She is the current Chair of the NOVA Committee of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a former Chairman of the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago.

Joe Taylor

VP of Operations

Joe Taylor is a media monitoring operations and process improvement expert, consulting with news and ad monitoring firms globally.

He has broad experience designing strategies and processes for capturing, filtering, and making sense

of large amounts of media content.

Since 2011, Taylor has consulted with news and advertising monitoring firms in Africa, North America,

and the Caribbean.





Your Media Investment

Media InSite Ltd. (“Media InSite”) has been in business since 2011, creating new and innovative ways to monitor, measure, and analyse media content across the Caribbean. We track advertising placements and news reporting in 16 countries, covering a mix of radio, television, print, and on-line channels.

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