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Media Monitoring Service -
The Ultimate Media 360° Experience 

Media InSite delivers a comprehensive view of your media coverage by monitoring digital media sources and traditional press, radio, and television sources. In an ever changing world where everything is online, hard-copy newspapers and free-to-air broadcasting are still relevant and will continue to be. That’s why we monitor the full range of online and offline media channels. With our Media Listening Service, take you beyond media monitoring and provide the full package to benefit from a fast, reliable and seamless experience!


  • We monitor more Caribbean radio and TV content than anyone, anywhere, recording and analysing over 180 broadcast stations continuously. Proprietary software allows us to search through thousands of hours of programming every day to find mentions of your brands, competitors, and topics of interest. Our staff of trained journalists expertly curate found content and write accurate, succinct summaries of your broadcast mentions. 

  • We scan and analyse more regional newspapers than anyone else, covering all dailies and weeklies in most Caribbean countries. Our research shows most newspapers in the Caribbean publish only some of their articles online. Media InSite captures all your newspaper mentions, whether published online or not.

  • We also take a comprehensive approach to tracking digital content, crawling hundreds of thousands of sites globally, with a particular focus on local and regional sites of the Caribbean.


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Daily Reports to Keep You Informed
Our Media Listener™ emailed alerts are delivered in an attractive, easy to use format.

  • Optimized for mobile devices

  • Articles grouped by media type

  • Interactive links to all social, online, print, radio, and television content

  • Sentiment and ad value metrics

  • Social share metrics, reach, and retweets

  • All your clips are permanently archived and the links never expire

Monthly Analytic Reports

MentionMeter™ - Measure your Impact, Protect your Brand


Our monthly MentionMeter™ Reports are interactive, graphical views of your earned and owned media across all media types. MentionMeter™ measures the effectiveness of your communications and/or marketing strategy with performance indicators such as share of voice, sentiment, ad value, press release pickup, and other metrics.


And for the specialized world of social media you’ll see engagement levels, reach, net sentiment change, followers, likes, emoji analysis, demographics, and geo-locations.


Finally, all earned media measurement data are visualized with modern, attractive, interactive graphics to give your presentations a professional and polished look.

Media Listening Service Benefits

  • Stay on Top of the News – Never be caught off-guard by breaking news or media discussion of your company, executives, brands, or initiatives. Our press, radio, television,  social and online media alerts keep you connected to the conversation.


  • See a Complete View of Your Media - Protect brand reputation and track awareness of digital marketing campaigns and initiatives with comprehensive media listening in an easy to use format. Media Listener™ delivers links to all social, online, print, radio, and television content – everything you need to do your best work as a communications or marketing professional.


  • Enjoy Peace of Mind – Feel secure in the knowledge that all your media clips are permanently archived and accessible forever.

  • Save Time – Easily find, share, measure, and analyse current and archived media mentions from all your monitored sources.

  • Better Measurement Means Better Management - Create and execute powerful earned media strategies by using big data and AI to understand every part of the media ecosystem - publications, digital marketing campaigns, product launches, customer complaints, spokespeople, and more.

  • Showcase Your Impact – MentionMeter™ reports give you boardroom-ready visuals to demonstrate your earned and owned media successes.

  • Keep an Eye on Competitors– Knowing how media portray your competitors helps you keep tabs on your industry and your position within your competitor group.

  • Recognize silent signals - Notice which topics are discussed in your sector and what expectations your customers and stakeholders have.