Media InSite Facebook
Competitor Advertising Analysis 

Competitive Intelligence

Media InSite introduces Trinidad &Tobago's first-ever analysis of competitor advertising on Facebook.. Our new monthly Category Reports reveal your competitors' Facebook advertising choices and trends, their specific offers and creatives, and your share of industry activity and estimated investment.


Analysis includes benchmarking against other industries and ranking of Trinidad and Tobago's most popular Facebook pages.


Available from May 1 for the following 11 categories:

  1. Commercial Banks

  2. Credit Unions

  3. New Car Dealers

  4. Furniture and Appliances

  5. Insurance

  6. Investment

  7. Loans

  8. Mortgages

  9. Optical

  10. Quick Service Restaurants

  11. Telecommunications.


1. Measure Facebook Advertising Activity in your competitive sector.
    See how your competitors are actually using Facebook to target your potential consumers.


2. Breakdown how your competitors target consumers using Facebook AND see what messages and campaigns they are promoting every month.

3. Access strategic sector monthly analysis to help you make informed decisions on how to market your products and services. 

4. Get a monthly database allowing you to access all the advertising creatives run each month on Facebook in your competitive sector.